What My Blog Is

I’m interested in educating people about “health possibilities”. If you’re in my generation, we’ve come full circle from our parents growing all their own food (what we now call “organic”) to buying all our food from a grocery store, to now going back to learning how to grow food in a garden, in plant pots on a balcony (if you live in a city), or just even growing sprouts in a glass bowl or two in your kitchen (I will show you how!).

Why am I so interested in seeing “fresh” food on your fork? Because I am a Health Practitioner and see people everyday that don’t know how to eat or what to feed their children, and they are getting ill.

Please come along with me to a place of health and well-being, a place of ideas, tips and easy and useful information on how to transform your health….and to be excited about how you begin to feel! Body, mind and soul!!!

Follow the blog where I will be posting information that is useful to everyone.

Certified Natural Health Consultant


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