How to Easily Grow “Live Living Food”


This picture shows growing sprouts from seeds. You will need cheesecloth, an elastic and a glass bowl (seems to avoid mold). Soak seeds (cover with pure water if possible) for 6 hrs (when draining water from seeds use for house plants). Drain and then put soaked seeds in dish covered with cheescloth, secure with elastic band and place in warm area in kitchen, ie. sunny window. Water and drain morning and night.

In 4-5 days when fully sprouted, place in fridge. For use in salads, wraps, smoothies, etc. Be creative!

This is an excellent way to get fresh organic live foods. Even if you have a small living space or its winter in your area. There are many varieties of sprouting seeds available. This is also a fun thing to do with kids of all ages and encourages them to eat healthy!