Our Fine Feathered Friends

Hummingbirds  RE: Feed

As I mentioned in my launching letter I love my little birds and the hummingbirds are one of them. We have a feeder that has a suction cup that sticks to our front room window & we so enjoying watching them feeding. Now we need air traffic control for hummingbirds, they are coming none stop.ImageImageImage LOL I think they are getting fueled up for their long trip south bound soon.  As most of you who know me know how I preach nutrition I try very hard to be mindful also for our birds, animals & the planet in general. So which brings me to the homemade recipe I use instead of the commercial brands with artificial colour etc. 

Instead use a colourful feeder to attract them. Image


4 parts water (pure not chlorinated city/town water)

1 part sugar ( I use organic cane sugar)

Bring to a rolling boil; cool completely then add to cleaned feeder. Sit back; enjoy viewing the very grateful, smiling hummingbirds.Image


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