Everyday Cleaning Ideas & Recipes


Cleaner for stainless steel sinks

Sprinkle with baking soda, table salt & soap grade pure essential oil of choice (I love lemon). Scrub in circular motions to kill bacteria, remove tea/coffee stains. etc. Rinse well; do on a regular basis.

Stainless Steel pots & pans cleaner

For an alternative to s.s cleansers or SOS pads to remove potatoe scum or stubborn food stains – use salt can add baking soda for a finer polish.

Kitchen Spray

(For fruits/vegetable to wash & remove oil base pesticides & to disinfect sinks after doing dishes)

Add to spray bottle; 1 pearl size drop NSP concentrate with 5-10 drops s.g. lemon essential oil fill with water shake before spraying produce; rinse well. Can also spray with diluted vinegar water to preserve produce for longer periods.

Alternative to Draino   (For kitchen/bathroom sinks, shower & tub drains)

-place 1/4 cup baking soda in each drain

– 5-8 drops lemon essential oil

– then pour approx. 1/2 cup vinegar on top (watch it bubble up) leave for 10 minutes then pour kettle of boiling water down each drain.

A fresh, clean, sanitized drain. Do on a regular basis more often when someone in the household is sick.

TIP:  Removal of garlic/onion smelling hands….when doing dishes rub a silver or stainless steel spoon for several minutes, takes the smell away instantly!

Washing Windows & Walls

1 pearl size drop of NSP concentrate in an ace cream pail; fill with warm water (please do not use more concentrate I learned from experience more is NOT better… a little dab will do ya!)


PRESPOT with Nature’s Fresh &/or for stubborn/ greasy clothes add straight NSP concentrate on area & leave for 5-10 min. 1 pumpful of NSP Conc. to washing machine also front loading (adjust according to water hardness) can add essential oils to water (lemon for darks only as it would stain whites or light colors), lavender is clear & can be used for all laundry, tea tree great for athletes foot or pets bedding, etc. Add 10-20 drops in fabric softener dispenser top off with water. Vinegar can be used as a safe bleach. With using this concentrate there is no need for fabric softener. Fabric softener comes with huge health risks to children, pets & adults not to mention the years of service taken off your dryer not to mention yours.


2-3 drops of NSP  with essential oils can be added to the water.

Carpets/Upholstery for Home or Vehicle

Prespot with diluted NSP conc. &/or Natures Fresh…let stand. Then use one pump full of NSP conc. pure in steam cleaner fo each  tank full. Safe alternative to the chemical versions as children & small pets play & lay on floors & we all sit on the couches & chairs.

Bathroom Sprays

Spritz/spray bottle filled with water add 5-10 drops of soap grade essential oil combination. Cinnamon & Pine are great deoderizers can add orange, lemon, eucalyptus for cold & flu season. Shake & spray!

Tub Cleaner

NSP concentrate is a non-abrasive, safe cleaner for acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain tubs or showers; use diluted in a pail of water; rinse well.

Shower Base Cleaner

Sprinkle base with baking soda to cover; then sprinkle with S.G. essential oils evenly as possible. Section 6″ x 6″ square space on shower base pour on vinegar & as it foams scrub vigorously in circular motions with bristle brush. Do section by section until the entire base is done then rinse well.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 pump of NSP conc. with 10 drops of lemon or pine S.G. essential oil. Scrub with brush. Vinegar can be used in between times also.

Oral Hygiene

To disinfect toothbrushes…spray or spritz your brush with SilverGuard liquid regularly; more often when sick. Replace brush every 3 months. Can also be used as a mouthwash to remove bacteria causing odors, the Silver gel can be used for toothpaste & gum health.

For quick bathroom touch ups keep a spray bottle with water, 1 drop NSP conc. with S.G. essential oils; shake, spray, wipe…done! Mirrors …the same as windows.

Soft Soap

I make my own using a small pump bottle add pure, undiluted NSP conc. with essential oils of your choice. You can suit it to the season, for pleasure or prevention of illness. Citrus (1 or more varieties of lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot) with lavender is nice, for cold flu season can use or add: eucalyptus, thyme linalol, myrrh or sweet margoram….be creative!!

SAFE Aromatherapy Plug Ins

A plug in device with blank removable pads you add 1-5 drops of essential or combination of to target when & what you want to achieve. Some ideas: LAVENDER( lavendula augustafolia)- calming & balancing to the nervous system, calming a colicy/fussy child, overtired, overworked, relaxing, insomnia, anxiety,etc. Great for overnight house guests plug in ahead of time, works for about 3 hrs. To disguising cooking smells in kitchen (garlic, onions, fish, sauerkraut) I use cinnamon & orange. For morning, refreshing, learning or remembering, etc lemon or any citrus for mind stimulation, energy, awakening. Also plug-ins for vehicles just for a pleasant aroma or for long drives, fighting sleep use lemon or Tei Fu oil for awakening.


I use my diluted NSP concentrate with lemon essential oil that I have at the kitchen sink…spray paper towels till damp fold individually sometimes I add more lemon to each wipe & then place in a plastic snack bag. Fits nicely into your purse, backpack, etc. Much safer than the chemical laden commercial version. You can also do the same thing with facecloths. Great for travel, hiking, picnics, places where water is not accessible or available.

For more information on Pure Essential Oils, NSP concentrate, Nature’s Fresh there is more detailed explanations on my website. These ideas I have shared with you I have used for my family, our home & office for over 15 years. I am confident you will enjoy the peace of mind  knowing  these ideas are SAFE, ECONOMICAL, EFFECTIVE, SPACE SAVING (not 15 varieties of chemical bottles under your sink), ENVIRONMENTALLY KIND TO US & OUR PLANET.  Have FUN creating your own ideas hope you enjoy using mine!!