Brenda is pleased to offer a wide variety of health services. Be sure to visit her website at clrhealing.com

We hope to see you again! Keep checking back for informative and interesting articles about health and wellness.

Background – Certifications and Courses Taken

Certified Natural Health Consultant (CNHC) 2005
Certified Lymphologist 2008
Tong Ren 2008 Adv. TR 2010
I-Tap (International Assoc. of Practitioners) 2009
Mastery Degree of Usui/Tibetan Reiki  2004
Advanced Aromatherapy 2004
Aromatherapy for Practitioners 2004
CRA (Muscle testing)  1999
Advanced Muscle testing 2002
Colour/Sound Therapy  2004
-Basic (DNA 1&2) 2005
-Advanced 2006
-Intuitive Anatomy 2007
ReSet 2006
ReSet Instructor Trainer  2007
Herbs for Pets 2002
Prescription Drugs & Natural Alternatives  2003
Chinese Herbs, TCM, Ancient Wisdom  2004, 2005
Herbal Remedies for Canadians 2004

I have had the privilege of taking courses and training from:

Steven H. Horne – AHG, IIPA, Author, Teacher, Herbalist

Clell M. Fowles – Pharmacist, Author

Larrisa Jones – Master Aromatherapist, Author

Dr. Paul Saunders – PhD, ND, DHANP, CCH, Author

Laurena Wakelin – CNHC, Certified ColourSound Instructor, Holistic Practitioner/Teacher/Instructor

Jacki Jenkins – Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Practitioner

Dennis Barnett – Holistic Practitioner and Instructor   www.dennisbarnett.ca

Prof. Karl West (son of Dr.C.Samuel West)  I.A.L

Vivian McCue-O’Neill  – Herbalist (people, animals), Author, Speaker

Loretta Mohl  – Instructor, Author

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